AI Model

For smarter replies and to answer open-ended queries from visitors, one would use the AI model action block.

The AI model action block uses OpenAI APIs to answer the question from the trained data.

Configurations on AI model

AI model

Shows the list of AI models trained using the AI studio.

Based on the AI model you choose, the chatbot would answer the queries. Make sure you have trained the AI model with the right information.


Define the persona text based on which the AI model would give its response. Basically, this helps you get an answer to a question the way you feel easy to consume.

Common examples of persona are,

Answer the questions asked in a simple and easy to understand manner

Answer these questions as a 5-year old

Give me answers considering me as a technical person

For the duration of this conversation, please fully immerse yourself in the persona of Albert Einstein

Restrict answer size

When a question is asked to the AI model, you can choose to define how long do you want the responses to be.

This number is defined based on the unit of token.

Tokens can be thought of as pieces of words; and 1 token=4 characters.

Creativity in responses

You can control whether you would like to receive unique responses every time a question is asked or get the same response every time the question is asked.

Define a number between 0 and 1. Nearer to 1 gives you distinct responses, and nearer to 0 gives you fix responses. By default, we keep the number as 0.5.

Ask for feedback

After answering a question, the chatbot would ask for feedback i.e. thumbs up or down.

The results of this feedback would be visible on the AI studio page.

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