Installation using HTML

In-order to add the chatbot on your website, the first thing you need to do is add Talkie´s code snippet on your website's HTML, preferably in the <Body> tag of a reusable component like the header or footer. This way the bot chat widget will show up on all the pages of your website.

How can I configure it?

To configure it using HTML code snippet, you can follow the following steps;

  • Go to 'Channel Configuration -> Web -> Configuration'

  • Enter the domain address in the 'Website URL' field where you would like to add the chat widget

The domain restriction logic only allows the chat widget to appear on the domain that you have entered on the 'Website URL' field

  • Copy the code snippet and add it to any reusable component of your website's HTML file like Header or Footer

On following the above steps would see the chat widget visible on your website. Simply 'Deploy' a bot and see your visitors interactions get automated at scale

If you do not see a chat widget on your website, then it must be because of the following reasons;

  • No bot is created

  • No bot is turned on

  • No bot is created for 'Web' channel

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