Notification for Slack

Being alert can always be very rewarding. This action block allows you to configure notifications on Slack whenever visitors initiates conversation with chatbot

With our Notification for Slack integration, you can strategically get notified on your Slack channel when a visitor reaches a certain point in the chatbot flow.

This allows or enables you to immediately strike conversation with the prospects at just the right time.

How do I configure the Notification for Slack?

In-order to receive notification on Slack, you need to follow the following steps;

  • Add action block on canvas by clicking on '+'

  • Choose 'Slack Notification'

  • Double click on 'Slack Notification' to configure it on the right panel;

    • Workspace: Select the workspace from the dropdown list where the notifications needs to be received

    • Channel: Select the channel where the notification will be posted

    • Thread ID: Depending upon your preference, you can either assign the value or leave it blank. Choosing to use this, will always post notifications inside the thread

    • Define Variable: Define the variable where the 'Thread ID' will be stored. This can later be used in flow.

    • Broadcast Message: Check the box against 'Broadcast Message' if you would like to send the notification across channel

    • Message: Defining the content of the notification that will be pushed on Slack. You can reference a variable by typing '#' and choosing the variable

The channel needs to be public in order to post the notification

What actions can be performed on Slack Notification?

Following are few of the actions that you can perform on Slack Notification;

  • Join Conversation: 'Join Conversation' option on Slack Notification that allows you to instantly join the conversation and interact with the visitor

  • View Details: 'View Details' will highlight the details about the visitors like city, country, Zip Code, Bot Name, Browser, Language etc..

  • Re-Assign Conversation: You will have the ability to assign the conversation to one of the team members by clicking on 'Re-Assign Conversation'

  • Close Conversation: You will be able to close the conversation by clicking in 'Close Conversation'

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