Live Chat for Slack

Slack for Live Chat allows you to interact with your visitors directly through Slack, providing them instant resolution to their queries or questions related to product or service

The benefit of using Slack for Live Chat is that your agents will not need to learn new tool, rather converse at the comfort of the Slack threads.The conversation with the visitors will happen over thread allowing to have separate thread for each conversation.

How do I configure Slack for Live Chat?

Process to configure Slack for Live Chat is divided into two steps;

  1. On Slack

  2. On Talkie

On Slack:

To add 'Talkie' application on Slack, you can follow the following steps;

  • Go to 'Apps' on Slack & look for 'Talkie' to add the application on Slack

  • Click on 'Add'

  • Create 'Public Channel' from where the customer support team can join the chat

If you are using a 'Private Channel', you will need to 'Open Integrations -> Add Apps -> Select Talkie' to add Talkie to that channel

On Talkie:

To configure it on Talkie, you can follow the following steps;

  • Add action block on canvas by clicking on '+'

  • Choose 'Slack for Live Chat'

  • Double click on 'Slack for Live Chat' to configure it on the right panel;

    • Workspace: Select the workspace from the dropdown list where the live chats needs to be configured

    • Channel: Select the channel from where the customer support team will take up the chat and interact with the visitors

    • Assignment Rules: Assignment rules will define which agent the conversation will be assigned to. You can create up to 10 assignment rules, in case the visitor does not receive a response after X seconds in wait time. Each rule consists of the team or teammate to whom the chat needs to be assigned, and the wait timeout after the flow moves to the next rule, until a response is sent to the visitor. That is, if the assigned agent doesn't join the conversation within the specified wait time, the next assignment rule will be invoked.

Conversation will be assigned to team or teammate in round robin manner Assign the wait time in seconds By default we have set the wait time as 30 seconds Minimum wait time that can be set is 10 seconds Maximum wait time that can be set is 10,800 seconds You can set maximum up to 10 assignment rules

What actions can be performed on Slack?

You can perform the following actions on Slack live chat;

  • View Details: 'View Details' will be highlighting the details about the visitors like City, Country, Zip Code, Bot Name, Browser, Language etc..

  • Re-Assign Conversation: You will have the ability to assign the conversation to one of the team members by clicking on 'Re-Assign Conversation'

  • Close Conversation: You will be able to close the conversation by clicking on 'Close Conversation'

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