Knowledge base

Source of information used by AI to answer your questions.

To use AI to generate answers, you need to first build a knowledge base with the information you want the answer from.

A knowledge base is nothing but a collection of data sources.

Data source types

A data source can be one of three types:

  • URL

  • File

  • Text


You can add content using a domain or a set of web pages.

When using a domain, you simply enter the domain address or sitemap address, and our system will automatically import all URL(s) of that domain.

Supported types:

  • Domain i.e.

  • Sitemap i.e.

As good practice, it is always better to delete the URLs that are not needed to avoid wrong or incorrect answers from the bot. Because, the more junk you add, the more confused the AI gets.

When using webpages, you explicitly list down the exact URL(s) you want to import content from.


You can add content upload a set of documents to your knowledge base.

Upload one or files and click 'Train' to start training your knowledge base with the contents of those files.

Supported file types:

  • csv

  • xlsx

  • txt

  • pdf

  • doc

  • docx

Max file size supported is 5 MB.


You can also directly add the information as content to the knowledge base.

By choosing this data source method, you can copy-paste the content you want to add.

A maximum of 2,500 characters is allowed.

Data source details

You can find all the data sources added to your knowledge base in the table.

To find your data source, you can use the search bar or filter option.

On the table, you can view details like:

  • Data source name

  • Data source type

  • Added at

  • Added by

  • Refresh

You can even click on each data source row to see exactly what information has been extracted from it.

Depending on the content size of a knowledge base, each data source can have more than one chunk. Each paragraph of text displayed is called a chunk.

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