Collect Input

This action block allows you to collect the input or response from the visitors or customers

When you as a business want to ask questions to the visitor and expect answers in the return. You don't want to just collect any random input, like you're asking for the visitor's email and they input 'abcedfg', it wouldn't make sense to move ahead in the conversation without receiving a valid input.

The collect input block has a set of in-built validations that you can use to verify whether the input provided is valid and only then move forward with the flow.

When should I use Collect Input?

  • Collecting information like name, email or phone

  • Asking questions

  • Collecting Feedback

  • Branching the conversation flow based on the input received

How do I set it up?

Setting up 'Collect Input' action block

You can follow the following steps to set up the 'Collect Input' action block;

  • Add the block on canvas by clicking on '+'

  • Choose 'Collect Input'

  • Configure the following on right panel

    • Question: Write down the question you want to ask in the rich text editor under 'Show this question'

    • Variable: Select the variable in which the response from the visitor will be stored

This variables can be used later in the conversational flow to give personalisation

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