Building a Chatbot

Chatbots are the way forward for any business looking to automate any repetitive or manual task. Now that you're interested in creating a chatbot, let's learn about building a chatbot

What is Inbound chatbot?

An inbound chatbot is a type of chatbot that is designed to interact with customers or users who initiates contact with business or organisation. These chatbots are usually placed on a company's website or social media platform and are programmed to respond to customer inquiries, provide product information, schedule appointments, or handle other customer service tasks.

How do I build an Inbound Chatbot?

You can follow the following steps to build an inbound chatbot;

  • Go to 'Bot Builder'

  • Click on 'Build a Bot'

  • Choose 'Build an Inbound Bot'

  • Select the 'Channel' from available options

  • Choose how you want to build your bot i.e. 'Use this Templates' or 'From Scratch'

  • Add 'Action Blocks' in the conversational flow

  • Configure 'Action Blocks' on the right panel

  • Click on 'Test this Bot' to test the flow

Click on 'Deploy' to deploy the bot

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