Action block allows you to break down larger chatbot flows into smaller manageable chunks

How does it help?

  • Creating smaller manageable flows for each path

  • Easier navigation between conversational flow

  • Easier onboarding of teams to the chatbot

How do I set it up?

Setting up 'Flow' action block

You can follow the following steps to set up the 'Flow' action block;

  • Add an action block on canvas by clicking on '+'

  • Choose 'Flow'

  • Enter 'Flow' Double click on 'Flow' to enter or single click on it and then click 'Enter' on the right panel

  • Build the flow on the canvas

Once you enter the 'Flow', it would look similar to 'Bot Builder'. You can continue building your chatbot flow here in the flow just by clicking on '+' as you would otherwise.

To navigate between the 'Root Flow' and other created flows, you can just click on the name of the flow or 'Home' button visible on the top left corner or the 'canvas'

You can create as many 'Flows' as you want

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