Installation on Facebook

How do I configure it on Facebook?

To configure the chatbot on your Facebook page, you can follow the following steps;

  • Go to 'Channel Configuration -> Facebook'

  • Click on 'Connect to Facebook'

Clicking on this will open up a pop up window requesting to sign in to your Facebook account and for the permissions to be provided to Talkie app In case the pop up window does not open, please check your browser settings as you may have enabled a setting that blocks the pop up to open

  • Select 'Facebook Page' to connect chatbot with

  • Check the status

Click on 'Dropdown' and select the bot you would like to map to the selected Facebook Page. If the bot's status is turned on then you will see ACTIVE written on that page & if the bot is turned off, you will see INACTIVE If there is no status, that means that no bot is not connected to the page

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